About This Book

This book is written by Richard Clifford (@MantisSTS) but may include snippets from other websites.


The author of this "book" is Richard Clifford, aka @MantisSTS on Twitter.

As a Principal Penetration Tester, I have a broad range of skills within the pentesting industry and as such I have done a number of iOS tests. iOS testing is one of my favourite types of tests as I tend to learn a lot on each and every test and I keep getting better at what I do as a result.

This book is just my ramblings from notes I've taken over the time and now I am making them public in the hope that they will help you in your journey into hacking iOS (or any other!) applications.


If you want to contribute to my notes here, please get in touch with me and I will review the notes and add them under my discression.

Contact Me

If you want to get hold of me, ping me a message on Twitter.

Alternatively, I can be reachable on IRC at irc.darkscience.net:+6697 #treehouse (Mantis)

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